3D Scenery: Woodcutter’s Yard

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Take your runtime straight into photo-realism with the Woodcutters yard!

Woodcutter’s Yard is a 25-piece plus 35 planet piece scenery set with highly detailed, unique models that can create very realistic, almost surreal scenes. Perfect for fantasy, contemporary or nature scenes.

Some of the pieces have bottom foundations, and since they are photo based, they are not 100% aligned with flat ground (nature never is), so they come with easy to use adjustment morphs where the edges can be bent and easily “pushed” down into the ground. Also included is a full preload scene. Everything comes with 4K textures and high detail displacements. This scene is combined with a growing library of plants, of which selected items are included from in these scenes. In this set wild grass, a forest plant and a full set of young birch trees is included. They come in three resolutions, high, for closeups (150-350k polys), medium, (30-100k polys) and low for distance and filling out the scene with many trees (3-8k polys) Combined, this gives you a massive 60-piece scene!
For the sake of disk/zip space, trees are not included inside the preload scene.

The following is included:
1 Preload scene
1 Axe prop
7 Firewood pieces
1 Big firewood piece, uncut
4 Ground wood pieces (sunk into the ground, with and without plants)
1 Main cutting stump
4 Stumps
1 Terrain prop
1 Woodpile
6 High resolution young birch trees
6 Medium resolution young birch trees
6 Low resolution young birch trees
8 Birch bushes
19 Wild grass props
8 Forest plant props

The following is included:
6 Spiky cliff props
6 Spiky cliff props with pebbles
1 terrain prop
1 preload
1 4k sand texture/material

The scene is made for Poser, but loads fine in Daz Studio! A few tweaks may be needed, such as scaling the tiling terrain texture and applying Iray shaders. (Uber shader works fine, but you may need to set the displacements manually) (Or other material settings) Everything else works as they should, including the morphs. More info included in the readme.


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