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From Never Seeing a 3D Software, To Steamy Sexy 3D Pin-Up Renders?Faster And Easier Than You Ever Thought Was Possible? Your Wicked 3D Dreams About To Come True? Are you a hobby or professional artist tired of trial and error and inconsistent sexy female renders or maybe someone who?s never seen a 3D software before, looking for a way create stunning 3D images of nude women, but feel handicapped, frustrated and don?t know where to start? If you?re tired of video training that assumes you?re already experienced, or giving you a fraction of the puzzle?then read carefully, since you?re one of few lucky 3D artists out there that will ever see this proposal I?m about to show you?
Hi, I?m Waldemar Belwon, and with my background as a former professional porn camera man for almost a decade and a half, I?ve got some pretty nasty tricks coming to your 3D screen? I?m the creator of the 3D Pin-Up Master Training Program, founder of the Dreamlight 3D Club, and creator of the 3D Master (Light / Model / Animation / Postwork) series of Training Programs. Dreamlight 3D is the leader in 3D graphics training for artists looking to create professional-looking images, quickly and easily. During my work with thousands of 3D artists, training students live and interactive, having created hundreds of bestselling light sets and 3D props?I?ve come up with a simple step by step road map, that will let you create professional, life-like, sexy breathing and living pin-up 3D images of beautiful women?literally setting all your friends in pure envy. No more feeling overwhelmed or clueless? You?re about to discover a step by step BLUEPRINT to your own digital 3D babes? The only blueprint you?ll ever need to create stunning 3D images of sassy nude females?
What about fancy expensive software and tools? Aren?t those required? Yes and no. YES, you need great software and tools?but I?ll show you where to find both for free / very low cost. However, not even the best tools in the world will save you from a disaster, unless you know how to use them. Years of experience have shown me that what you put into a fancy tool is exactly what you get out of it! Don?t I need a super-fast, monster computer? Nope. Again, your computer is just a tool. You can produce exceptional images with an older computer, as long as you know what you?re doing. Can?t I figure it out from a free video tutorial or free e-book? I?m sorry to tell you that it?s just not gonna happen. As with any other skill, true mastery of creating breathtaking 3D images of nude women requires several components working together?components that are not explained anywhere else. It?s that simple. Besides, if you?re following advanced or intermediate training that doesn?t teach you the basics, you?ll have a hard time putting it all together anyway. Can?t I do this on my own? Sure, if you?re willing to struggle for years, just like I did. The techniques I?ll teach you will shorten your learning curve and literally shave years off your 3D pin-up rendering experience. Plus, if you?re working on your own what do you do if you get stuck? I used to waste hours on fixes that experienced artists could solve in minutes. How do I know all this? I?ve been coaching artists for years, and I?ve seen the same patterns over and over. Those who really make it as artists are those who embrace new knowledge and put it into action with the right kind of supervision. In a really short period of time, these guys really GET it. If you?re not there yet, don?t worry because?

You?re Not Alone!

I?ve been there myself, for years, frustrated and praying that my 3D renders of nude women would at least look half as good as the ones I saw online or in printed magazines. I was relaying on luck, and wanted to JUMP forward?just get to the finishing line, without really knowing what I was doing? After a few long years, I started to make some progress. Slowly, I was getting the hang of how things worked. Finally, I was able to leverage my 20+ year background as a professional porn camera man, photographer and video editor and to create professional-looking 3D images of stunning pin-ups. In fact, I got so good that people started to ask me to teach my 3D techniques to them, via my Dreamlight 3D Club. Suddenly, other people who had struggled for years were telling me that my lessons helped them finally GET IT. They were able to understand things that took them years to figure out on their own. I was pretty sure that what I?ve discovered was?
The Missing Link

I realized that everyone was missing the CORE of 3D nude women rendering? And so 3D Pin-Up Master was born! 3D Pin-Up Master breaks down 3D nude women rendering into its smallest components and teaches them one at a time ? so that you REALLY GET IT. It?s the basics, presented in an easy-to-understand method, like never before? And it works?every time.

?Dreamlight?s 3D training is exactly how I would teach someone to do it. The expert advice is obviously derived from years of practical experience. Having someone to show you how to light and then explain why things work is the fastest way to truly learn the in?s and out?s of this essential skill.?, Michael Ambruso ? Professional 3D Artist
3D Pin-Up Master narrows down sexy women images into just 2 things: 1. EXACTLY what you need to know?no more, no less 2. How to USE this knowledge to get immediate results The truth is: you don?t need to learn everything! In fact, trying to learn everything will only frustrate you and add years on to your training. That?s why 3D Pin-Up Master is such an amazing product. It will show you EXACTLY what you need to learn to immediately start producing professional-looking renders of breathtaking nude women?no more, no less. For example, some teachers or even artists will confuse you with tons of fancy tools, plug ins and other things you ?must? have just to get started? Things like skin-shaders, super-lighting rigs, filters, realistic this and that? Here?s the secret: you only need to master 3, and I don?t care what you?ve heard before? That?s right. You only need to master the 3 most important techniques? If you get only these three right, then every single image you?ll create, will just look breathtaking? Period. Secret #1: Getting those 3D characters look like living breathing hot nude female models is all about posing and angles. It?s not about what hair props you use, what models you use or what textures you apply. Trust me, I?ve been filming porn models for 13 years, and I know what makes them look good and what doesn?t. You can have the most beautiful girl in the world right in front of your camera, but if you screw up the angles, you?ll end up with horrible results. And vice versa, you can turn a mediocre model into a stunning goddess?it?s ALL about the angles. Secret #2: Lighting. This component alone, will either make or break your nude art. You?ll be surprised that lighting nude models is a lot easier than any other lighting?and I?ll explain exactly why in the 3D Pin-Up Master training program. Secret #3: Postwork. Every 3D artists best friend is the 2D software, capable of changing the entire look and feel of your images. Correcting rendering errors and enhancing / revealing what needs to be seen / hidden is an essential part of creating convincing images of sexy women. 3D Pin-Up rendering is very easy when done the correct way, following a checklist and knowing why things are there to start with. But it can be extremely tough and frustrating, if you?re just wondering around without a plan, trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle on your own. That?s it! You don?t need anything else. Because these 3 techniques and tools cover pretty much every single scenario you can encounter while creating your own pin-up renders. 3D Pin-Up Master?s 3-steps will laser guide you from your idea to the final image, with simple, clear and logical steps.



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